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Taxonomy Assessment: Quantitative Analytics, Qualitative Best Practices and Heuristics

A Taxonomy Talk event

Published onApr 28, 2024
Taxonomy Assessment: Quantitative Analytics, Qualitative Best Practices and Heuristics

In the same way we obsess over keyword rankings, do you wonder if your content is organized effectively and how to optimize the categories and taxonomic structure? While we know we should proactively analyze overall taxonomy effectiveness—the distribution of content to categories, number of views per category, etc.—there is a tendency to focus on the content, and not the categories. This talk will describe how to do taxonomy assessment periodically and ongoing as an integral part of website instrumentation. How to flip analytics to get the category level analysis, how to construct a set of qualitative practices that can generate taxonomy metrics which identify categories to merge or split, and some specific scorecards against which your taxonomy can be evaluated.

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, 4 June 2024 from 8 am - 9am Pacific

  • Format: Short talk, plus discussion

  • Location: Online via Zoom

  • Recording? Yes

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About Joseph Busch

Mr. Busch is an authority in the field of information science, with an emphasis on helping organizations develop metadata frameworks and taxonomy strategies to ensure that content realizes its highest value through re-use and re-purposing. He has extensive knowledge and experience developing content architectures consisting of metadata frameworks, taxonomies and other information management methods to implement effective applications. He is currently on a full-time assignment as the senior business classification analyst for the African Development Bank which is based in Abidjan in the Côte d’Ivoire.

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